DangerDust is 2 Guys, Pranking Art College Now It’s Viral!

  • Posted On: 20th October 2015
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I’ve been seeing a recent viral type of postings about these 2 guys from Columbus College of Art and Design who are seniors in Advertising & Graphic Design. Apparently they sneak into art classrooms overnight and create some awesome ChalkBoard Illustrations.

They tried an experiment and created awesome works of art on Chalk Boards in the classrooms, while the classrooms were empty. Some of their designs take more than 10 hours to complete. In any case, you can find them on Twitter, Instagram, tumblr, and behance.  I think I’ve even seen some of their stuff available on Etsy.com

Here’s something from their interview on the Columbus College website:

So what’s up next?

Though the two will graduate in the spring, they’ve got a few things up their sleeve for next semester. Count on seeing more paper worked into their future masterpieces (à la the 3D London skyline in the J.M. Barrie, Peter Pan chalkboard).

“We have a lot of ideas for how we’re going to sign off [at the end of the year],” they said.

The Banksy quote that graced Dangerdust’s very first board seems to capture what the two mystery artists are all about.

“Speak softly,” the board read, “but carry a big can of paint” (or, in the case of Dangerdust, a big box of chalk from the dollar store).


Here’s some chalkworks, that are pretty awesome:


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