How Make Money With Photoshop

  • Posted On: 21st September 2015
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How Make Money With Photoshop

Sure, anybody can use Photoshop, but to use it correctly – with optimized images that load quickly on the web, and colors that print just right is a whole new story.

It takes years to learn how to color correct photographs for printing. It only take a few hours to learn how to make a banner for an advertisement. If you want that banner to actually get results for yourself or your client, you need to learn more about using photoshop.

Once you’ve gotten the basics down, then learn about Effects, Filters, Masking, Smart-Objects, Mockups, User Interfaces and on and on – then you’re ready to start making money with your skills.

There lots of ways you can use your Photoshop knowledge to make money, you can:

Create Graphics for Websites

Design Posters, Postcards or Flyers for Businesses

Customize installations of WordPress, speaking of which here are a few for you to look at and consider.

It’s easy to customize once you know how to prepare the images using Photoshop.


Anything that needs to be viewed online or in print you can create, and get paid to do it.

If your rRubber Stamp Skills are good, you can Retouch Photographs.

Help Families Digitally Save their Family Photos by Scanning and selling them a Disk.

Create Books with Family Photos and Stories.

If you know enough about Photoshop, you could get some Students and Teach your knowledge.

The possibilities are endless.

You can sell your art in Marketplaces like GraphicRiver or CreativeMarket

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Jued Martinez has been using Photoshop for over 25 years commercially to Build Websites, Color Correct, Manipulate and Create Graphics. A Certified Commercial Graphic Designer he is available for projects. You can visit Jued at the Santa Barbara Local Publishing Company.