PROP4G4ND4 Creates Amazing Illustrations!

  • Posted On: 12th January 2016
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I am and have been a really big fan and ardent admirer of the work of PROP4G4ND4: studied graphic design & visual communications somewhere around Manchester, during the turn of the millennium. He has been awarded the EBGE prizes in the Poster & General Illustration categories in 2009. A music lover and a frequent traveler, constantly seeking stimulation in whatever form it may come. Born and based in Thessaloniki, he currently works as a freelancer. [from website about page, prop4g4nd4.com] Check out some screenshots and be sure to visit the website.

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Jued Martinez has been using Photoshop for over 25 years commercially to Build Websites, Color Correct, Manipulate and Create Graphics. A Certified Commercial Graphic Designer he is available for projects. You can visit Jued at the Santa Barbara Local Publishing Company.