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  • Posted On: 26th October 2015
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Splash Font – A Liquid Font


Discover a funky water animation. We worked on liquid effects to provide you a unique experience. Boost your communication with exploding liquid shapes, it’s easy to customize your own titles with your own colors. Enclosed you will find 4 scenes of Splash Font. This font animation reveal a living and moving expression. It’s possible to introduce Splash Font into different motion design thematics.

Some of it’s practical features

  • Uppercase Letters
  • Numbers
  • Special caracters
  • AE shape layers: Fast rendering
  • Expression works in every AE language
  • No plugins required
  • Any resolution
  • Limitless layer duration (about 10 seconds duration)
  • In – Out animation
  • Works in After Effects CS5.5 and up (Full and Trial version)
  • You can change colors
  • You can change letter spacing
  • You can change letter size
  • You can change stagger frame

See website here for more info: http://www.kidpixel.net/after-effects-templates/after-effects-splash-font.html

Original Font is not include, but you can buy it here : http://goo.gl/Q0qaSI

Original Audio File is not include, but you can buy it here : http://goo.gl/ryNnI2

Thanks to KidPixel for this user submitted item. Find them on Facebook here.

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